( First in first served basis )

Our beds are a long time love story/ The village little interiors VIP VILLAGE allows our workshop to meet the demand on our beds, as-well as making them more accesible to customers from all reaches of life. 



1. Choose your bed, ADD TO CART and purchase with a 25% deposit of the full price + Shipping this can be made via card, Afterpay or Paypal.

2. You have just secured your spot for the year!

2. You will be given an estimated date range of when your bed will be completed and ready for delivery within 2 business days.

3. Once your order is reaching the top of our workshops list you will be contacted and the remainder of the cost of your bed will be due within 14 days.

What if i want to cancel my order?

As our beds are high in demand, we can only take x number of spots every year, and so your VIP VILLAGE purchase ensures your spot for the year, this means we now cant give this spot to anyone else. For this reason IF you do decide to cancel, you can do so and will have nothing extra to pay. 25% initial deposit is however non-refundable. ( Shipping cost will be refunded )

When will i receive my bed? 

You will be contacted via email with an estimated date of delivery, at the moment our workshop is adding names to the list for orders to be dispatched JUNE onwards spots may open up before June and in this case the first names on the list will receive their beds sooner than expected. 


Thank you for being part of our Village x